The Mermaid Collection

The Perfect Theme For Any Little Party!

The Mermaid Collection is here, it’s beautiful and we’re so excited to share it with you!

Featuring the Bubblegum Favourites, such as 28 Mini Balloons, Personalised Orbz and gorgeous sprinkling Confetti, this range has everything you need to throw the most memorable Mermaid soiree!

Mini Balloons

Our Mini Balloons arrive in a pack of 28 and are ideal for scattering in the party venue, or in your home for the birthday morning.

Crazy Bunch

Our Mermaid Crazy Bunch has everything you need to make all party guests say WOW! Including a mixture of foils and latex balloons, it’s curated to make for the perfect bunch. Include a canister of helium, and you’ll be transforming the party into a mermaid paradise in no time.


Aren’t these colours so beautiful? We love this combination for scattering on the party table.

They’re also big enough to be able to clear away easily once the fun and games is over the hoover comes out!

The Mermaid Bubble

Arriving inflated and personalised in the post (and on next day delivery if ordered before 12 noon!) the Mermaid Bubble is the perfect surprise for any birthday.

Our bubbles also last weeks, so can double up nicely for the party celebrations too.

Pom Poms

A gorgeous mix of tissue paper fluffiness, these pom poms are an easy way to decorate any venue. Simply fluff up and hang to begin the transformation.

As the pom poms are made from tissue, they have an infinite lifespan (if well looked after!). Perfect for decorating a bedroom post all of the party fun!


The Mermaid Orb

For when sparkly isn’t sparkly enough!

The orb arrives personalised and inflated in the post and makes for a seriously gorgeous WOW moment when floating out of the box upon arrival.

The ideal birthday surprise, or party decoration.


Although any combination of the below would create a fabulous Mermaid Party, our top recommendation for decorations is below. Estimated at £150 for all you need to provide everyone else with party envy!

  1. Use our Mermaid Shape Garland to make a pretty picture backdrop. Arriving with string and the shapes, you can make the garland as long or as short as you wish.
  2. Have our Personalised Mermaid Foil Bunch arrive at your door, inflated and all ready to go. The foil balloons last days, so have them arrive the day before the party.
  3. 28 Mini Balloons in the mermaid colours are an easy way to make the party a little more fun. Use a hand pump to inflate and then sprinkle around the party. As these are air filled, they last days too, so you can do this in advance of the party.
  4. Our Balloon Bunting is a gorgeous way to make the party feel really special. Air filled and so easy to inflate and tie together, you can string it up from wall to wall to take the decorations up a notch.
  5. Mini Balloon Wands are not only the perfect decoration, but once the party is over, they make for gorgeous gifts to give to each child. Bubblegum’s Top Tip – use some parcel tags to personalise each wand.
  6. Use the Mermaid Confetti to sprinkle on the party table.
  7. Bubblegum’s Top Tip – mix and match your plates, straws, napkins and cups to fit with the party colour theme – the table will look like a gorgeous rainbow!
  8. Give the party the perfect photo moment – use our Crazy Bunch to provide a real WOW moment.

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